OUTDATED Prodibas SOAP API documentation

This documentation is no longer current, and you should not rely on it
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This documentation describes Prodibas API version 1.

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The API is divided into 3 services:

Product data

Description of the product data structures can be found here

Main data structures for request response

Reference lists

Lists of URI-types and Article fieldnames can be found here.


Every request has to provide authentication information as an input parameter. Anonymous requests are blocked.

        public class ApiAuthentication
            public Industry Industry { get; set; }          // see enum below
            public string CompanyIdentifier { get; set; }   // string.Format("MANU_{0}", company.Id)
            public string Key { get; set; }                 // any of your active API keys
        public enum Industry
            VVS = 1,
            SEG = 2

Enable API

Prodibas administrators must enable API access for your company. Please contact your contact person. Otherwise contact information is available at:

Manage API keys

Now you have the possibility to manage your API keys in Prodibas. Your company administrator (the same person who can create new users) has the rights to add, change and delete your API keys. You must also choose which person the API impersonates. It is suggested to create a new user in InfoPlus for API purposes.

Scroll down to the bottom of the administration-page.

SDK and example code


SDK supports .NET 3.5 and above. Example code is written in .NET 4.5 but can be downgraded easily. No .NET 4.5 specific features should be used.


Simple PHP examples.


Some SOAP XML-examples.
For use for example in SoapUI tool.

Future plans

There are plans for Java and PHP SDKs.





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