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62 Release 2020-R11

2020-R11 - Release Notes API

A new option ProductGroupsVersion has been added in StructuredOutputOptions
This is the version of product group that should be returned. Default is active version. For VVS, set to 2 in order to retrieve the product's (or products') 4-level product group. The option is irrelevant for SEG.

New optional input parameter version to GetProductGroups in Global data service. For VVS, set version=2 in order to retrieve 4-level product groups. The parameter is irrelevant for SEG. Default is version 1.

New optional field in ApiProduct: PublishedAfterWholesaler . Used to pre-release the product för wholesalers

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61 Release 2020-R08

2020-R08 - Release Notes API

The value list of ApiProductStorageRequirementTypes have been updated. Read more here

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Added 2020-09-02
TEST 2020-09-03
PROD 2020-09-10

New optional field: DangerousItemUnNumber replaces now obsolete field: DangerousItem
DangerousItem is now read-only with static value of None.
DangerousItemUnNumber contains UN-number.

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Added 2020-07-21
TEST 2020-08-31
PROD 2020-09-10

60 Release 2020-R04

2020-R04 - Release Notes API

We have added 6 new optional fields in ApiProduct:

Read more about the Bvb fields here
The fields cannot be updated, only read

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Added 2020-04-16
TEST 2020-04-16
PROD 2020-06-03

59 Release 2019-R12

2019-R12 - Release Notes API

We have added a new property ProductMini in StructuredOutputOptions
This is for a future implementation and should not be used in this version.
The SOAP API Service contract has not changed.

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Added 2019-12-10
TEST 2019-12-10
PROD 2019-12-19

58 Release 2019-R11

2019-R11 - Release Notes API

We have started building a REST API with functions from the SOAP API.
In this work we have changed a lot in the internal machinery of the API functions as they will serve two API interfaces in the future.
The SOAP API contract has not changed.

Run SOAP api with https

Now we have added the opportunity to run the SOAP API with https.
Add "secure" at the end of the URI to the web service
Example TEST: https://test.ws.vvsinfo.se/V1/ProductService.svc/secure
Example PROD: https://ws.vvsinfo.se/V1/ProductService.svc/secure

Correction of function GetManyByIdentifiersQueued

The GetManyByIdentifiersQueued feature has been in the API contract but has never been used. It also turned out to have a bug that we have now fixed.
You can submit the same type of identifiers (search keys) as for GetByIdentifier and GetSingleByIDentifier
If you send in identifiers that give duplicates of product, only one product is returned.
Articles that does not get a hit are NOT reported back because the API contract does not support this and we do not want to break it.
Note that this is an asynchronous method that returns a queue ID (QueueId). The result is usually checked with GetResult.
It is possible to use PingBackURL to get a signal when the result is clear.
Number of articles: Our recommendation is not to search for more than 500 items in a call.

Correction of GetUpdateResult .NET API SDK

We found that the GetUpdateResult method did not handle WorkNotReadyFault correctly.
This was due to a mismatch between the namespace for SOAP Faults in the SDK's proxy for the SOAP service and the SOAP service itself.
We had not updated SDK's proxy client at an earlier time.
The SDKs are now corrected and now they match.

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Added 2019-12-02
Availability Test 2019-11-27
Availability PROD 2019-12-02

57 Value of TypeId in ApiProductExtNumber was not set

BUG: ApiProductExtNumber - TypeId value was always 0

See ApiProduct External numbers (ApiProductExtNumber) for more information.

Internal ref

Internal ref numbers VVS-1618

Added 2019-09-20
Availability Test 2019-09-20
Availability PROD 2019-09-23

56 Updated documentation regarding UriTypes

IMPROVEMENT: New dynamic view of avalable URI-types

See ApiProduct Uri-types for more information.

Internal ref

Internal ref numbers VVS-1316

Added 2019-09-05
Availability Test 2019-09-05

55 Updated documentation regarding image scaling

IMPROVEMENT: Urls and recommendations about scaling of images.

See About scaling of images for more information.

Internal ref

Internal ref numbers VVS-1559

Added 2019-09-04
Availability Test 2019-09-04

54 Bugfix for updating ETIM-values

BUG: Changning ETIM-value resulted in error missing content access

When updating etimvalues server responded with error message

"Missing content access for field 'Etim.EFnnnnn'" 
even though user had access to ETIM-data.
See ApiProduct ApiEtimProductData for more information.

Internal ref numbers VVS-1605

Added 2019-09-09
Availability PROD 2019-09-09

53 Bugfix for readonly fields

BUG: Some readonly fields were wrongly seen as changed by the caller

See ApiProduct for more information.

Ignoring these fields in update methods


SEG only

Internal ref numbers VVS-1604

Added 2019-09-09
Availability PROD 2019-09-09

52 Changes in fields

IMPROVEMENT: Added fields DescriptionEn, GroupingWord and ProductModel.

See ApiProduct for more information.

Note field DescriptionEn
DescriptionEn replaces the field NameLongEn for longer english description.

CHANGE: NameLongEn

New meaning for NameLongEn which now contains the longer english name for the product.

Internal ref

Internal ref numbers VVS-1454, VVS-1423 and VVS-1581

Added 2019-08-13
Availability Test 2019-08-20

51 IMPROVEMENT: Added field IsWholesalerApproved

See ApiProductPackage for more information.

Added 2019-08-13
Availability Test 2019-08-13

50 IMPROVEMENT: ProductService improved behaviour in GetByIdentifier and GTIN.

As a manufacturer you can only search within your own products. As a manufacturer you have to provide your own manufactureridentifuer or leave it blank
Have a look at ProductIdentifiers ByManufacturerAndArticleGTIN

Added 2019-05-08
Availability Test 2019-05-08

49 IMPROVEMENT: ProductService Added faultcontract InternalErrorFault to IProductService.

Added Faultcontract InternalErrorFault to all methods in IProductService for a more robust error handling and return.

Added 2019-04-15
Availability Test 2019-04-16

48 BUGFIX: ProductService GetResult and GetUpdateResult when work not ready(VVS-1503).

ProductService GetResult and GetUpdateResult wrongly returned a WorkNotProcessedException instead of WorkNotReadyException.
This now fixed.

Added 2019-03-27
Availability Test 2019-03-27 Prod 2019-03-27

47 BUGFIX: Fixed a bug for User SafeWater (VVS-1497).

Added 2019-03-13
Availability Test 2019-03-12 Prod 2019-03-13

46 BUGFIX: Fixed a bug regarding Count and CountWithDecimals in ApiProductPackage (VVS-1443).

Added 2018-12-20

See ApiProductPackage for more information.

Availability Test 2018-1220

45 Added optional field ReachVersionOfCandidateList in ApiProduct and extended validation for REC-type (VVS-1436).

Added 2018-12-07
Availability Test 2018-12-07

44 Added field in APIProductPackage and changes in handling of package levels (VVS-1243).

Added 2018-11-29

Added fields CountWithDecimals and CountWithDecimalsIsSpecified, CountWithDecimals is also added as a return value.
For measurements M and M2 you have to use CountWithDecimals.

The field Count will remain, but is to be considered as obsolete and will be deprecated in the future.

The number of levels for ProductPackages changes from three to four by adding Mellan2 (SortOrder=3).
it is also possible to skip levels if desired.

All packages specified as level 3 (Top in the old specification) will be updated to level 4 prior to this update being released.

See ApiProductPackage for more information.

Availability Test 2018-11-29

43 Added parameter in SearchProductsParameters for SearchQueued (VVS-1419)

Added 2018-10-25

For Productservice Search. Added parameter LastChangedOptionSearchGreaterThanOnly for managing behaviour of comparision of lastChanged.

See SearchProductsParameters for more info.

Availability TEST environment 2018-10-25

42 Added fields in ApiProduct (VVS-1419)

Added 2018-10-23

Added readonly fields in the following structures



Availability TEST environment 2018-10-23

41 BUGFIX: Fixed bug in SearchQueued (VVS-1419)

Added 2018-10-23

In Productservice Search. Filter criteria didn't work for these fields in SearchProductsParameters.

Availability TEST environment 2018-10-23

40 Fixed bug regarding fields seemed changed by user but were not (VVS-1391)

Added 2018-10-16

Bug occured when updating products.

For these fields

Availability TEST environment 2018-10-16

39 Updated documentation on ProductService

Added 2018-10-16

Update info on Productservice.

Mainly behaviour on using product identifiers has been straightened up.

When using update functions as the role manufacturer you are only authorized to update your own products. Read more here.

Availability TEST environment 2018-10-16

38 New ApiProduct-field NumberStr

Added 2018-09-28

General information for the added field NumberStr on ApiProduct.

Availability TEST environment 2018-09-28

37 Pingback functionality enabled for queued requests

Modified 2018-09-26 (VVS-1389)

The PingbackUrl Option when using SearchQueued and UpdateQueued is now enabled.

Availability TEST environment 2018-09-26

36 ProductService - Search restriction for manufacturers

Modified 2018-09-21 (VVS-1384)

As a manufacturer you may only search your own products. Please enter your ManufacturerId into search options. An error will be thrown otherwise.Productservice.
Notes on search parameters: SearchProductsParameters

Availability TEST environment 2018-09-21

36 ProductService - Search restriction

Modified 2018-09-06 (VVS-1373)

Added validation and restrictions on search options to use at least one esarch filter parameter.Productservice.
Notes on search parameters: SearchProductsParameters

Availability TEST environment 2018-09-06

35 ProductService - Search by ProductGroup

Modified 2018-08-22 (VVS-1367)

Added search options for searching by ProductGroupId or ProductGroupIdentifier in Productservice.
Notes on search parameters: SearchProductsParameters
Product Groups can be retreived with the method GetProductGroups in GlobalDataService

Availability TEST environment 2018-08-22

34 FlatService - Minor update in error reporting

Modified 2018-05-18 (VVS-1324)

Updated UpdateArticlesInner in FlatService to just report ETIM-errors and not any existing errors on product.

Availability PROD and TEST environment 2018-05-18

33 BUGFIX: UpdateManyQueued - Error when trying to update a product that does not exist

Modified 2018-04-03 (VVS-1296)

In Productservice.
Got System.NullReferenceException when trying to update a produt that does not exist.
Fixed so API now returns a better error message stating that the product could not be found and what product-key that caused the problem.

Availability Test environment 2018-04-03

32 BUGFIX: Error while updating StorageRequirement and DangerousItem

Modified 2018-03-28 (VVS-1291 )

In Productservice. Notes on properies and values : ApiProduct
An error occured when trying to update the properties StorageRequirement and DangerousItem

Availability Test environment 2018-03-28

31 API supports updates of ETIM-data

Modified 2018-03-27 (VVS-1280)

In Productservice. Notes on properies and values : ApiProduct ApiEtimInfo
Updating ETIM-data is now supported. (Documentation on this is currently a work in progress, we apologise for this)

Availability Test environment 2018-03-27

30 BUGFIX: Bugfixes related to Queued-functions

Modified 2018-03-21 (VVS-1280)

In Productservice and CandidateService.
Error when updating or importing many products with the same picture/document. Only the first product was updated. wich resulted in File not found validation errors for the remainig products.

Availability Test environment 2018-03-21

29 BUGFIX: Bugfixes related to Queued-functions

Modified 2018-03-21 (VVS-1280)

In Productservice. Internal error when getting results from UpdateManyQueued using method GetUpdateResult
In Productservice Reference to Article/product in error messages was wronlgy prefixed with "MANU" insstead of "ART"

Availability Test environment 2018-03-21

28 BUGFIX: Improved Handling of Carriagereturn and Linefeed and invalid characters

Modified 2018-03-20 (VVS-1280)

In Productservice. Fields that can contain CRLF (x0D x0A) or just CR (x0D) is converted to LF (x0A)
Cleans invalid XML-characters from these fields as well. W3-standard documentation about XML and Linebreaks Affected fields in APiProduct

Availability Test environment 2018-03-20

27 Handling of Carriagereturn and Linefeed, BUGFIX: Handling of ETIM-data

Modified 2018-03-15 (VVS-1280)

Fields that can contain CRLF (x0D x0A) or just CR (x0D) is converted to LF (x0A) W3-standard documentation about XML and Linebreaks Affected fields in APiProduct

Corrected a bug in the handling of parameter ETIM in StructuredOutputOptions when using method SearchQueued in Productservice. A value of 0 still loaded ETIM-data.

Availability Test environment 2018-03-15

26 Bugfix UpdateManyQueued processing

Modified 2018-03-05 (VVS-1273)

Bugfix: Fixed UpdateManyQueued to correctly process all products. Only the first 10 were processed. Productservice

Availability Test environment 2018-03-05

25 Bugfix UpdateManyQueued with documents

Modified 2018-03-03 (VVS-1208)

Bugfix: Fixed UpdateManyQueued to correctly update documents and images Productservice
Documentation: Updated documentation for ApiProduct with field-lengths for string-fields ApiProduct

Availability Test environment 2018-03-02

24 Bugfix reading products with ETIM-data

Modified 2017-11-20 (VVS-1208)

Bugfix: Fixed GetByIdentifier-methods error when etim-group had enddate

Availability Test environment 2017-11-20

23 Bugfix reading products

Modified 2017-11-17 (VVS-1209)

Bugfix: Fixed GetByIdentifier-methods error when searching by GTIN

Availability Test environment 2017-11-17

22 ETIM-features

Modified 2017-08-28

Bugfix: Fixed Get-methods returned duplicates of ETIM-data
ApiProduct ApiEtimInfo

Availability Test environment 2017-08-28

21 ETIM-features

Modified 2017-07-18

Added option to include ETIM-data for retrieved products in Get-methods
ApiProduct ApiEtimInfo

Availability Test environment 2017-07-18

20 Restructured .NET example

Modified 2017-02-15

Removed unsolved external reference to assembly. Moved tools code to project.

Availability Test environment version 2017-R01 hotfix

19 New product-field BulletText

Added 2017-01-02 Modified 2017-01-30

General support for the added field BulletText on ApiProduct.

Modified 2017-01-30 Field BulletText appears last.

Availability version 2017-R01

18 Updates of ExtNumbers and Packages

Import methods of CandidateService and update methods of ProductService support new fields now

Availability Test 2016-11-25 Stage Production

17 Updates



Availability Test 2016-11-24 Stage Production

16 Updates


Availability Test 2016-10-27 Stage Production

15 Updates


Availability Test 2016-10-20 Stage Production

14 Updates


Availability Test 2016-10-20 Stage Production

13 Updates


Availability Test 2016-10-07 Stage Production

12 Updates



Availability Test 2016-10-06 Stage Production

11 Updates

Changed Names for the following types

ApiProduct Changes

Removed following types

ApiCandidateImportResult Changes

Availability Test 2016-09-09 Stage Production

10 Updates

Changed response type for ICandidateService.ImportWithGroupedResult to ApiCandidateImportGroupedResult

Bugfix: Import returns validation errors as it should. Bug returned duplcates.

ApiManufacturer Renamed following fields

Availability Test 2016-09-09 Stage Production

9 Updates

Updated ApiProduct with fields for manufacturer (Name Alias, Id and Identifier) Documentation for ApiProductManufacturer

Availability Test 2016-08-10 Stage Production

8 Updates

New service Documentation for ManufacturerService

Availability Test 2016-06-07 Stage Production

7 Updates

Candidate import
New method ImportWithGroupedResult.


CandidateService - Candidate Import

Candidate import and product update can take document parameters to upload documents and images.
Documentation for CandidateService Documentation for ProductService

New methods GetProductGroups GetUriTypes.
Documentation for GlobalDataService

Availability Test 2016-05-11 Stage Production

6 Products SearchQueued and SearchAsBmecatQueued support splitting batches

Use parameter TakeApproximately to split up huge results.

Availability Test 2016-04-07 Stage Production

5 SOAP action namespace, removed tempuri

All SOAP actions are now in correct namespace Prodibas.API.V1, tempuri has been removed.

Availability Test 2015-12-10 Stage 2016-04-04 Production 2016-04-04

4 GlobalDataService more methods implemented

Methods GetUnits(), GetCountries(), GetDangerousItems(), GetStorageRequirements(), GetPackageTypes(), GetPackagingFunctions(), GetPalletTypes() are now implemented.

Availability Test 2015-12-10 Stage 2016-04-04 Production 2016-04-04

3 Model validation

ModelValidationError and ModelValidationException are now in correct namespaces.

Availability Test 2015-11-23 Stage 2016-04-04 Production 2016-04-04

2 ApiProduct class changed to non-generic

For simplicity the ApiProduct<IndustrySpecificAbstractBase> has been changed to ApiProduct. You should still use property IndustrySpecific for industry-specific information. This change gives you shorter and simpler class names in the WSDL contract.

Availability Test 2015-11-23 Stage 2016-04-04 Production 2016-04-04

1 Updated SDK and examples

Availability Test 2015-11-20 Stage 2016-04-04 Production 2016-04-04